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The Brogue Trader On The Road: A Year In Review (Part Three)



Blair is without doubt the most picturesque of locations. The Castle may be rumoured for sale but it will forever exude history of these parts.  We stayed in the beautiful Pitolchry in the heart of Scotland and enjoyed wonderful meals at the local golf club; next time we will do at least 9 if not 18 holes. As we drove out of town for the ten hour drive home we were lucky enough to bump in Max Hastings appropriate as these parts are steeped in history that is certain.  The Blair Bagged the Tamar and Ghillie.


If the CLA is a big gun then Burghley most certainly is Champion of the Equestrian events. Fortunately set on our own doorstep with a minimum of travel time this year’s event celebrated the 50th anniversary. The show marks the beginning of the end of the summer’s season and all the hard work and fun that we have had. But as night follows day we always have one more excitement left in the form of a trip to Churchills home at Blenheim. Much like CLA the trading was brisk and as ever we shall never know had it not rained on the Sunday.  The Best show to date ever for Thomas Dainty!  The crowds were marching.  What Luck!  The Burghley Bolter was Avon and Newman.


Once more but this time for the Horse trials.  This is our 6th year and one that will always remain on the calendar.  After a season of trials this one becomes relaxing and therefore copious amounts of red wine supplied by Tim Elliot from  The Tannin preserves our energy for 4 days of relaxing selling and the ever beautiful Palace and William Fox Pitt winning a 6th title was fantastic. Congratulations!  Blenheim Blazer was William.


What a Show, this is without doubt the greatest event of the year!  The Goodwood Revival is a magical step back in time with a chance to soak up the glamour and allure of motor racing in the golden age at one of the most authentic circuits in the world. Shoe sales overtook last year visiting and famous faces visiting the stand included Alan Tichmarsh and Chris Evans.  Let us not forget the 9 spitfires that flew by and the Lancaster bomber you did us proud that The Goodwood G force was RonnyRory and Clifford. Correspondence!
So that’s all folks for season 2011. Watch this space for your regular updates of Thomas Dainty Brogue Trader! And don’t forget to check our events page to find out where you can find us in 2012.

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