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About Thomas Dainty Brogue Trader

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Thomas Dainty Brogue Trader is celebrating 18 years providing Cheaney Shoes Tusting Luggage and Pantherella Socks. All made 100% in Great Britain.

It all started back in 1999, in the historic shoemaking county of Northamptonshire by Caroline Butcher; who decided to pursue a business in the shoe trade. Many of her family had been involved in aspects of shoemaking from tanning to closing to selling and designing. The name “Thomas Dainty” comes from the brother of Caroline’s Grandfather; William Dainty, who had established himself a small business in the Closing side of Shoemaking.

With the all the economic, social and cultural history of such a one time thriving industry – that many villages and towns were dependent upon – it was the demise of manufacturing and the survival that fascinated Caroline most. The story of survival and success continues today with Northamptonshire boasting still to be number one for shoemaking.

For us here at Thomas Dainty Brogue Trader, we offer the Cheaney brand because it represents an outstanding contribution and legacy to the world of shoemaking.


The City

When Thomas Dainty Brogue Trader started in 1999, it was in the “City” where it all began. In the financial districts of London, Thomas Dainty Brogue Trader targeted the high concentration of financial institutions and the people that were working there; it was at this time that “Brogue Trader” was introduced as and extra to the name. The popularity of this service quickly spread over to the East, in Canary Wharf, another exciting financial district, and then over to the West End where hedge funds had began to migrate to.

Thomas Dainty Brogue Trader was proud to be serving a broad variety of institutions from all corners of the globe, employing a very wide range of nationalities, all united by an appreciation for the classic English shoe making industry.

The Country

As the City was evolving, the Countryside beckoned and Thomas Dainty Brogue Trader took to the country circuit taking the brand to a whole new customer base. Hundreds of thousands attend these incredible events, homages to their sports and pursuits; from Horse shows to the Game Fair to the Goodwood revival.

At Thomas Dainty Brogue Trader we are entering our Glorious 12th Season and its success is built upon loyalty and the personal touch not to mention the heritage.

The Web

At Thomas Dainty Brogue Trader, we started our Web presence as advertising in 2000. The idea was small as it was a vehicle to be used as a reference to who we were. Now we trade online and offer all our styles available worldwide. The speed at which this medium has evolved has been game changing for the retail trade. At Thomas Dainty Brogue Trader, we like to think that in this amazing world of the internet we still bring our tailored customer service to the people but on a much larger scale.

Thomas Dainty Brogue Trader

The company was created and established to meet the many demands of these busy professional people whose demanding lifestyle made conventional retail shopping a near impossibility. It was and still is a “personal” service brought to you! Thomas Dainty Brogue Trader has evolved and prospered by providing the exclusive and ever more popular Cheaney collection for you to peruse and select from; either your place of work, national events in the English countryside, or more recently from the comfort of your own home – wherever in the world that may be.

Thomas Dainty Brogue Trader is about getting to the people, not only online but face to face, still delivering on our original promise of offering a truly unique and personal service.